Research Gallery


Si (110) Lattice Imaged by FEI Titan HB

This image shows silicon diples with 1.37 A d-spacing. The image has been filtered and processed using Digital Micrograph -Hesham El-Sherif

How Small is a FIB Lift-Out?

FIB lift-out (~10 um) on manipulator beside sewing needle and GaAs wafer sample -Hesham El-Sherif


Hesham El-Sherif


2D Indium Nitride

HRTEM image taken by FEI Titan HB probe-corrected microscope of a 2D InN layer encapsulated between monolayer graphene and a 6H-SiC substrate -Hesham El-Sherif


SEM image of a heart-like crystal in fly ash geopolymer -Peng Dong

Ferrero Rocher

This is a 3D Ga particle grown by a heteroepitaxial intercalation technique developed at Penn. State University -Travis Casagrande, Hesham El-Sherif


Liquid cell TEM image of needle-like Ettringite and attached precipitates in in-situ hydration reaction -Peng Dong


AFM Phase-Imaging of Bacteria

This is an AFM phase image of a bacterium undergoing binary fission. The image was taken by NeaSNOM AFM microscope in non-contact mode and has been selected to be published in the 2019 Calendar of the Microscopy Society of Canada (MSC) -Hesham El-Sherif