Our Team

Current Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Bhaveshkumar Kamaliya

P.D.F working on Focused Ion Beam microscopy and lithography of self-assembled optical surfaces

Bita Pourbahari

P.D.F in Characterization of Two-Dimensional Materials

Connie Pelligra

P.D.F in Metallic Materials and Correlative Microscopy: 3D microstructural characterization using advanced electron microscopy techniques


Caleb Whittier

Ph.D. in Microscopy of Ion-Implanted Materials: applying advanced electron microscopy to assessing plasmonic behavior modified via focused ion beam

Alyssa Williams

Ph.D. in Microscopy of Biological Materials: Imaging biological and biomaterial interactions using focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy

Joachim de Fourestier

Ph.D. in Correlative Microscopy techniques in Materials Science and Applications Developer at Fibics Incorporated

Mehdi Mosayebi

Ph.D. in Microscopy of Metallic Materials: 3D microstructural characterization of steels using advanced electron microscopy and focused-ion beam

Morvarid Ghorbani

Ph.D. in SiC p-n junction device engineering and focused ion beam defect generation and analysis

Bavley Guerguis

Ph.D. in Atom Probe Tomography

Masters & Undergraduates

Rachel Ord

Undergraduate in characterization of residual strain in ion-implanted SiC using EBSD and Raman spectroscopy.

Former Group Memebers

Ali Allahverdi

Shooka Mahboubi

Aidan Ross

Longxing Chi

Yasamin Sartip

Habib Ghaffari Hadigheh

Ryan Young (Undergraduate research student)

Christopher Schankula (Undergraduate research student)

Connor McEwen (Undergraduate research student)

Gopi Krishnan (Post-doctoral fellow)

Fahad Butt (Undergraduate research student)

Weiwei Zhang (Graduated M.A.Sc)

Samuel Norris (Graduated M.A.Sc)

Khatereh Maleki (Graduated M.A.Sc)

Connor Wong (Graduated M.A.Sc)

Peng Dong (Graduated Ph.D.)

Hesham El-Sherif (Graduated Ph.D.)

Chen Gu (Graduated Ph.D.)

Nasim Khoonkari (Graduated Ph.D.)

Gerald Dittrich (Undergraduate research student)

Betty Huang (Graduated M.A.Sc)


We are grateful for the help that the following faculty members take in co-supervision of some members of the research group: