Our Team

Ph.D. & P.D.F.

Chen Gu

Ph.D. in Microscopy of Metallic Microstructures: Characterizing microstructure of steels by advanced electron microscopy

    Nasim Khoonkari

    Ph.D. in Image Processing: working on optimization in image processing with a focus on SEM Images.

      Caleb Whittier

      Ph.D. in Microscopy of Ion-Implanted Materials: applying advanced electron microscopy to assessing plasmonic behavior modified via focused ion beam

        Alyssa Williams

        Ph.D. in Microscopy of Biological Materials: Imaging biological and biomaterial interactions using focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy

          Joachim de Fourestier

          Ph.D. in Correlative Microscopy techniques in Materials Science and Applications Developer at Fibics Incorporated

            Mehdi Mosayebi

            Ph.D. in Microscopy of Metallic Materials: 3D microstructural characterization of steels using advanced electron microscopy and focused-ion beam

              Masters & Undergraduates

              Betty Huang

              M.A.Sc in Metallurgy and Microscopy: Fabrication and micro-mechanical testing of steels using scanning electron microscopy and focused-ion beam

                Graduated Students

                Hesham Elsherif

                Graduated Ph.D. in Microscopy of 2D materials and thin films: preparation and characterization of phosphorene, 2D Indium Nitride, and Gallium Nitride, etc

                  Peng Dong

                  Graduated Ph.D. in Concrete Tomography: Characterizing microstructure of concrete by advanced electron microscopy.

                    Connor Wong

                    Graduated M.A.Sc in Silicon Photonics: applying Focused Ion Beam technology to fabrication and modification of photonic elements

                      Khatereh Maleki

                      Graduated M.A.Sc in Metallurgy: solving the origin of micro-cracking within the Galvanized Steels, analyzing by electron microscopy

                        Samuel Norris

                        Graduated M.A.Sc in Focused Ion Beam technology: nano and micro fabrication by Focused Ion Beam and applications of FIB technique

                          Weiwei Zhang

                          Graduated M.A.Sc in Focused Ion Beam technology: studying the ion beam damage mechanism on soft materials

                            Former Group Memebers

                            Ali Allahverdi

                            Shooka Mahboubi

                            Aidan Ross

                            Longxing Chi

                            Yasamin Sartip

                            Habib Ghaffari Hadigheh

                            Ryan Young (Undergraduate research student)

                            Christopher Schankula (Undergraduate research student)

                            Connor McEwen (Undergraduate research student)

                            Gopi Krishnan (Post-doctoral fellow)


                            We are grateful for the help that the following faculty members take in co-supervision of some members of the research group: