MSC 2019 Annual Meeting

Group member Khatereh Maleki (seen above presenting her poster) travelled to Vancouver this spring with Dr. Bassim to attend the MSC 2019 Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Sam Norris on placing first in the Materials Graduate Seminar Contest

Group member Sam Norris places first in the Materials Graduate Seminar Contest presenting his work on ion beam nanofabrication of integrated optical devices.

Bassim Group Graduates

Bassim group congratulates members Yasamin Sartipi and Weiwei Zhang on successfully completing their M.A.Sc. defenses. We wish them all the best with their future endeavors.

Dr. Nabil Bassim


Nabil Bassim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster University, and Scientific Director of Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy(CCEM).

  1. 1997 - 2002

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Field Of Study Materials Science

    University of Florida
  2. 1993-1997

    BSME Field Of Study Engineering

    University of South Florida

Selected Publications

Low-loss TeO2-coated Si3N4 waveguides for application in photonic integrated circuits

Henry C. Frankis, Khadijeh Miarabbas Kiani, Dawson B. Bonneville, Chenglin Zhang, Samuel Norris, Richard Mateman, Arne Leinse, Nabil D. Bassim, Andrew P. Knights, and Jonathan D. B. Bradley

Removing Stripes, Scratches, and Curtaining with Nonrecoverable Compressed Sensing

Jonathan Schwartz, Yi Jiang, Yongjie Wang, Anthony Aiello, Pallab Bhattacharya,Hui Yuan, Zetian Mi, Nabil Bassim, Robert Hovden

Green template-free synthesis and characterization of mesoporous alumina as a high value-added product in aluminum black dross recycling strategy

Mostafa Mahinroosta, Ali Allahverdi, Peng Dong, Nabil Bassim

Electron beam damage of epoxy resin films studied by scanning transmission X-ray spectromicroscopy

Weiwei Zhang, Lis Melo, Adam P Hitchcock, Nabil Bassim

Meet our team

Image Processing
2D Materials
Focused Ion Beam Microscopy
Cement & Concerete
Metallic Micro Structures

Hesham Elsherif

Ph.D. in Microscopy of 2D materials and thin films: preparation and characterization of phosphorene, 2D Indium Nitride, and Gallium Nitride, etc

Peng Dong

Ph.D. in Concrete Tomography: Characterizing microstructure of concrete by advanced electron microscopy.

Chen Gu

Ph.D. in Microscopy of Metallic Microstructures: Characterizing microstructure of steels by advanced electron microscopy

Nasim Khoonkari

Ph.D. in Image Processing: working on optimization in image processing with a focus on SEM Images.